Vaishnav Vaartaji Gujarati Amdavad Kalyanji Vyas (Vaarta Sahitya).pdf . Nijvarta Gahruvarta Tatha Courashi Vaishnavanki Varta Vraj Bhasha Here is the Answers to all the Questions raised by Movie OMG. Seminar on Oh My God (OMG) by HG Chaitanya Charan Prabhu. Day – 1. Vaishnavoni Varta by Harendra Shukla SHRINATHJI BHAGWANNA PAVITRA DARSHAN – SHAYAN – UTHTHAPANNA 84 Vaishnav Ni Varta. Quick View.

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How can we serve to the God of all gods without having such Adhikar? We shall certainly help if you take this task in your hand.

Now lots of people are able to cross the sea with the help of this boat. Book for daily Patha of Sampradaya namely: You can see from this list that with minor changes, everything is same in both the Margs.

252 Vaishnavoni Varta

The world is not illusory or Mayik. B Why do we In Hindu Religion observe it gujarti 16 nights? Here, my question is. What happens to the Pravahi souls at the time of Pralaya? Following are Pushtimargiya books written in English as per my knowledge. Please give me brief. He does not accept service that is done with any kind of worldly or selfish motivation or sentiment.

These three types of purification includes five tatva purification also. All Avataras are the product of Samashti Antaryamin.

In the third chapter of the first Skandh of Bhagavat Purana subject of Avatar is discussed in detail.

We offer sakhadi and we have seva from Mangala to Shayan. One should keep a sentiment of friendship with everyone, have a clear understanding in the mind that each state of surroundings is a granting of boon by God and perform duty as an order of God with His remembrance all the time. Because of predominance of impressions, Buddhi only projects illusory object influenced by Maya. Therefore, it is not necessary to accept the theory of cause and effect.


They came at the camp at Apsara Kund. As said earlier, dont ask where to go for all this because, at present, there is no such facility in our Sampraday.

Any sort of addiction is detrimental for ones personality. He did not embellish himself by any ornament.

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He should be offered offerings that are of the best quality. It could not find any Adhipati Devata. Which sakhi does this represent? Such Vaishnav should associate himself in Katha listening with the above mentioned response.

Sarvada sarvabhaven bhajaniyo vrajadhipah Svasya-ayameva dharmohi na-anyah kva-api kadaachan The devotee should do service of Vraja-adhipa Sri Krishna at all times with all sentiments. That means he could be a type of Pushti Bhakta. In this respect there is some sort of Advaita and some sort of Dvait, also. A What is it? B Dont you think this would be a very interesting study of present time and motivate many more vaishnav in future and in time to come.

Chitra Swaroop-Shrinathji had been pusht by H. Ekadevopasanaa Worshiper of many deities believe that “Badha deva sarakha” i.

Shri Yamunaji is capable of giving all kind of achievements. Enjoy or suffer it as a top secret between you and Thakur. One should never go, on one”s own accord, to other gods and goddesses with or without a purpose to have Darshana etc. In your case you may make seated hospitably a Swaroop of Shri Mahaprabhuji sepratelty from a Swaroop of Shri Thakorji and not along with Shri Thakorji while performing seva of Shri Thakorji, have a sentiment that Our Thakorji accepts our seva due to Shri Mahaprabhujis only.


But after that I was not so punctual in Seva. In their case it is Akhyati, i.

From which adhya a layman should start vaishnavv bhagvat gita? The difference rests only in accepting Shastra Maryada in doing all that. What are the differences between “Bhagaviya ke Lakshana” and “Shri Yamunapatidas ke Chinha Nyare” in terms of their qualities, adhikarbheda and svarupalakshan? Their knowledge is always true.

Varta Shaitya

In short, peace giving experience of pleasure or peace by having experience or pleasure is though not possible for all in all respects or impossible to achieve. Send your postal address. If any being shares this sentiment and wants to follow Pushti-Bhakti- Sampradaya, he should take Brahma-sambandha initiation. The way, in which Vaisjnav Krisna destroyed the Satan in Vraj act Leelawe can safely get assured that the Garta in our house will also destroy all obstacles in our Seva provided we perform Krishna-worship in the way described by our Shree Acharyaji Seva Krutirguroraagya.

To balance these two problems, we have to bring in the essence of the sutra Lokavattu Leela Kaivalyam”. What is the importance of that? Vishnu-lokat pavitr-adyah agacheha namostu te Meaning: Shri Yamunaji, you have infinite divine qualities. It is also known as Antar-Dharma i.