bridge. • Location: Sevilla, Andalucia,. Spain. • Crosses: Guadalquivir River. • Duration: • Materials: Cables: Steel. Pylon: Reinforced Concrete. Here you will find information, technical measurements and images of Alamillo bridge. Name, Puente de Alamillo (Harp Bridge) Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Who. Owner, Regional Government of Andalucia. Concept Design, S Calatrava. Construction.

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Alamillo Bridge

The inclined pylon of Alamillo had no structural precedent. The diagram shows a alamillo sequence for the erection of the tower in segments and the stressing of the cables to balance the forces at each stage – click on it to open a larger version in a new window.

This initiative included the provision alsmillo better road connections to neighboring towns, a ring road for Seville, and eight new bridges over the Guadalquivir river. The top of the mast is actually a lookout.

Accelerate your learning curve by reading stories with Jazyka new, free to use language app! The bridge has provision for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The pylon was constructed by lifting segments of the steel shell into place with a large, high-capacity crane, then welding them together and filling them with reinforced concrete. The Alamillo Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with a meter ft long span painted in Calatrava’s trade-mark bright white color. Construct temporary piers 4.


Puente del Alamillo

After that, and by means of the support in the tower provided by the stays, the deck is constructed simultaneously using cantilever method. However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing alanillo our use of cookies.

Each of its two 10 meters 33 feet carriageways cantilevers five meters The steps of construction are as follows:. A more conventional, less costly bridge would be built over the river.

Of all the new bridges that were planned for Expo ’92, the design for the new Alamillo Bridge, planned just north of the expo site, was the most eye-catching. The smooth surface of the spar is painted matt white, giving a crisp appearance.

Built Constructions Builtconstructions :: Alamillo Bridge, Spain

After the Guadalquivir, the main river flowing through Seville, had caused several major floods, government decided to reroute the river to the west. The pylon supports the bridgeway with thirteen pairs of cables. Unequal spans require decks of equal weight, but this is hard to achieve, and so back span cables are anchored to the ground to take the alamilll in forces under pattern loading conditions. Calatrava home web site 4.

The deck of the bridge, with a m span, is supported every 12m by a pair alamjllo stays. This bridge represented the soaring aspirations of the city of Seville in preparation for Expo ’92and is visible from the top of La Giralda aoamillo, the former minaret which is the sentimental roof of the city, linking Seville’s past and present.


The anchor is a passive element in the face of the tilted mast, which compensates for its own weight in be bending stresses, no cables are required. A complex beam comprising of the sentences described below.

Alamillo Bridge, Seville

Mimicking beidge pylon, these guard rails slope backwards away from the deck, and are topped with concrete along which runs a smooth stainless steel handrail. The most successful structural forms are often those informed by nature. The daring design, its simplicity and its surprising methods of construction all give it the edge over more conventional bridges.

There is an excellent balance between light and dark, and the deck itself appears as a particularly slender element. See slideshow pictures 23, 28 Piled: The box girder comprises welded steel plates with Bridge Deck: See slideshow pictures Bridge deck: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The steps of construction are as follows: During the construction process, it is not possible to avoid the errors in geometry and weight inherent in any real construction project.

A 1,5 km long viaduct was planned to connect the two modern bridges.