Auriculotherapy is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a micro Nogier soon presented his discovery to the public, where members of the Chinese Army picked up the map and took it to the barefoot doctors of China . Write to Dr. Michel MARIGNAN A propos de la naissance de l’auriculothérapie, Docteur Paul Nogier, vers , (Vème Symposium International d’ auriculothérapie) en , en espagnol, “Auriculomedicina y psiquiatria”. Dr. Paul Nogier, recognised worldwide as the “father of Auriculotherapy,” was a medical research scientist. As physician, in particular he practiced acupuncture.

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Auriculotherapy – Welcome to the official website of Dr Raphaël Nogier

The patient’s radial pulse is taken very carefully and requires a great deal of practice in order to be performed rigorously.

It reflects movement, the limbs, the renal system, the genital tract. Several schools now teach this technique. They enter into resonance with some biological receptors and specific exert effects on the body.

Auriculomedicine is the auriculomediina extension of Auriculotherapy.

Today we know that the surface of the external ear carries areas of lower resistance that appear in case of a presence of a functional disorder. A supervising medical doctor controls one or several acupuncturists, who are not medical doctors, but have their own private medical cabinet.

Niboyet was impressed by the discoveries of Nogier and present their work to the community of French doctors who practice acupuncture. Retrieved from ” https: Help to stop tobacco addiction Treatments against the pain: Therefore one can not speak of a Chinese auriculoterapia at that time.


It was very rare in the XXth century that someone explored new physical paths for therapy. The “F” frequency represents subcortical cerebral regions.

Inin Lyon, the World Health Organisation held up a working group on the standardization of the nomenclature of the auricular points. It is not known when it began to use the ear therapy, the oldest source is the year BC on the Greek island of Kos and Hippocrates hand. In France, auriculotherapy can only be practised by professionals in medicine: The principle of Auriculotherapy is based on the fact that a point or a zone on the ear corresponds to an organ or a system.


Write a customer review. In Paris, on the faculty of Bobigny, a university diploma in auriculotherapy is proposed to the medical doctors, dentists and midwifes after a course of two years. You can not deny that acupuncture and Chinese physicians made contributions to the auriculoterapia intersantes but the originthe concept, theory and explains the neurophysiological substrate is clearly different from auricular acupuncture.

Hippocrates after his training took him to Egypt, practice medicine of the time in Greece and there founded a medical school. Get to Know Us. The acupuncturist shall ask for the opinion of the supervising medical doctor for the cases that go beyond his own knowledge.

History od auriculotherapy Anatomy and embryology; auriculoomedicina of the ear Neurophysiological basic knowledge Different kinds of ear points Detection of the points Localisations: Thus in the patient came into the hands of Dr Nogier with cauterization ear for his back pain had been treated by a healer of great fame in this type of ailment. This signal occurs without any alteration of heart rate auficulomedicina can last for 8 to 15 cardiac cycles. Sedatelec proposes a whole range of instruments and apparatuses especially designed for auricular acupuncture techniques.

In the beginning, Dr Paul Nogier sometimes saw patients presenting with cauterization points on the ear, who claimed to have been relieved of their sciatica as a result of this treatment. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Today, the auriculotherapy is taught in numerous countries. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. By the help of these two methods of detectionwhich are the search for ariculomedicina points and the points of lower cutaneous electrical resistanceit is possible to do first the diagnosis by a thorough examination of the ear.


Auriculotherapy also auricular therapyear acupunctureand auriculoacupuncture is a form of alternative medicine based on the nigier that the ear is a micro system, which reflects the entire body, represented on the auriclethe outer portion of the ear.

Acupuncture points in the ear. The precision of this representation of reflex points on the external auriculomdicina offers many possibilities for both diagnosis and treatment.

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For every symptom, a molecule. Afterwards, he studied manual medicine and later acupuncture. In Auriculotherapy, a pathological point is detected by the pain reaction to local pressure or by using an electrical detector.

C locomotor problems ergotropic function, sympathetic polarity For every disease, a chemical drug. Auriculomedicine is a reflex method based on modifications of the Nogier pulse in response to stimulation. Nogier conference was brought to Germany by Dr.

During his stay in Egypt I observe as Egyptian physicians were cuts in the veins of the ears for treatment of various diseases especially related to infertility in both men and women. These combinations of frequencies are especially used in local therapy: These frequencies are used both for detection and for treatment. To assist in diagnosis, there are pressure feelers, colour filters and Auriculotherapy point detectors.

As soon as he graduated in medicine in Lyon, he focused his interest on homeopathy, as the homeopathic granule liberated from any chemical substance, finds its action through the physical electromagnetic information.

This formation is directed by Dr. The shape of all auriculomedciina these points fairly closely resembles the image of an inverted foetus. Extract from “The man in the ear”, Maisonneuve,p.