Deck Z: The Titanic. Unsinkable. Undead. By Matt Solomon, Chris Pauls Now the virus has spread and the undead are running rampant aboard the Titanic!. Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead by Chris Pauls My rating: 4 of 5 stars There are only so many things that can be done with the zombie. Read “Deck Z: The Titanic Unsinkable. Undead” by Chris Pauls with Rakuten Kobo. Imagine being trapped aboard the doomed Titanic on an icy Atlantic with.

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Weiss, knowing that he is unable to fight with his own government to protect his research, tries to lay waste to his research facility along with his notes and flee to America. I liked how the book was split into three stages just like the plague could be broken down into the three stages. I wish all writers of gore knew how unsinkablr.undead do it as well. There are only so many things that can be done with the zombie concept as we know it.

Nov 06, Alex rated it really liked unsinkable.undeaf Shelves: Secrets of Hallstead House. Believing it was going to be a work of satire, or at the very least bad, cheesy nonsense, I dove in ready to laugh my ass off. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Lou, but every other female on board ujsinkable.undead either vain or cowardly.

Deck Z: The Titanic by Matt SolomonChris Pauls | Scholastic

The story was excellent, made sense maybe there were Zombies on the Titanic?? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them, I guess I’m indifferent in regards to the zombie love going around. Elements of the Undead Books One-Three. Jul 02, Kristina rated it really liked it Shelves: This marred the immersion—I found myself wielding a red pen for unsinkableu.ndead of the read.


The undead kept to the lower decks for much of the crisis, and in the chaos the people on unsinkaable.undead might not have known exactly what was coming up.

Deck Z: The Titanic

All the jingoism and international backstabbing leading up to WWI is the reason the zombie infection reaches the Titanic in the first place. How could I NOT read this? The mightiest ship of her age. I absolutely love books that can take a well-known historical event and reshape it with a horror aspect.

He knew the threat the plague possessed and he would make sure his last ship would remain secure. September 21, Imprint: But the Titantic aspect gives me pause.

And yes, there were. View all 4 comments. A true hero who always upholds what he believes is best for the people on the ship, and the men who work below him, with unsinkable.undeaad diligence.

I didn’t like Ismay’s character he was stuck up and always wanted to make himself look good. I also liked the little illustration under the chapter number which symbolised the chapter.

There are thuds at the end of every chapter, and we are given just enough about the characters to get us through the story—only what we need to know. In this age of instant knowledge gratification, did I stop to look up whether there really were Turkish baths on the Titanic? This fast-paced thriller reimagines the historical events of the fateful Titanic voyage through the lens of zombie mayhem.

Another thing that I absolutely loved about Deck Z: The authors have created a believable story, while at the same time staying close to the occurrence and sequence of events as they actually happened. I unsinkabld.undead Captain Smith, he was strong willed and could hold his own in a fight. Wish someone would have talked them out unsinkable.nudead the anticlimax He is presented here as a horrible character.


Item s unavailable for purchase. In my head I kept imaging a scenario where the band of zombie-fighting men plus one female year-old runs into Margaret Brown, fending off zombies with the two pistols she smuggled on board, later earning her title as “The Unsinkable Molly Unsinkagle.undead. You get fantastic zombie kills and an alternative usage of squash balls that you will never see coming. The book starts out slow as it delves into the outbreak and effects of the plague, and Weiss’s personal tragedy and reason for researching a cure.

Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead.

View all my reviews. Faced with an exploding population of lumbering, flesh-hungry undead, Smith’s team unsinkable.undea forced into bloody hand-to-hand combat down the narrow halls of the huge steamer. The short chapters allowed me to read through the book quite fast, and due to the frequent change in perspective I never got bored or felt the need to take a break. I can’t get books just because they are cheap! Swashbuckling Captain Smith sliding down the ladder into the hold and decapitating the teh Man at Arms who was menacing Theodor Weiss.