Shop Starbox f not available for. Colour: Starbox f Click to open expanded view. RELATED VIDEOS; ° VIEW; IMAGES. Starbox f by DELTA DORE. DELTA DORE STARBOX F03 CPL: user reviews, tests and trials, features, DELTA DORE STARBOX F03 CPL price comparison. LARS DELTA DORE STARBOX F Controllers» Intelligent thermostats and units». LARS DELTA DORE STARBOX F03 Zoom image.

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The zones that can be accessed for programming are the ones declared when the unit is put into service see installation guide. To return to the programmed mode, press as many times as necessary.

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Note that encoding may be different between Deltia 8. And I have not idea if my messages can control your Boiler since messages may not be the same. From the programming mode. Messages sent by my code are: Press OK to delete.

I’ll have to see how to send “. Slow forward Press and hold: Does this look like yours? You may use my own message, but in this case you will have to associate your receiver with my values.

Next step, PHP script to drive 0f3 online Absent mode for an unspecified period. The word “HEAT” is flashing. From the absent mode, press the button PROG.



Here is my latest excel working file: The associated alarm control unit is in maintenance mode. If you do not want to apply the program to the next zone, press or to choose the zone to programme. You can only access the ddelta type indicators: Press to select the operation: I don’t know if this code will help. A very interesting thread indeed! So best is to catch messages from Deltia 8.

The heating zones or control systems were not declared when the unit was put into service. Sets the minutes Press and release: Sets the day H button: Functions performed 9 Shutting down or starting the heating Products connected on the bus To shut down and restart the heating without switching off the hot water tank or the control systems.

If you do not want to apply the program to the next day, press J to select the day, M button: The red LED near the button is flashing.

Return to automatic operation. You can move easily from one program to another by pressing the corresponding button. Since your goal was to replace the original thermostat and have a raspberry pi drive the boiler, how do you currently obtain the lowest temperature from all your room in order to turn the boiler on and off?


I have a Deltia from Delta Dore that switches my boiler on and off, with the thermostat sending orders according to temperature.

To give you more information about the overall goal: Programs starvox, 2 and 3 can be set to reflect different lifestyles: Also my understanding is that “any” linux will do giving above mentioned devices are supported of course and arduino itself as such is just an option to have a tiny hardware “package” connected to home automation? Note that when DVB Stick is cold, you may try higher frequency like: Repeat the steps to set the month and day.

There is a problem with the sensor installation. Start of Operation period OR: Of course, the colder room in my house is not always the same our kitchen is pretty cold but not anymore when we start starhox.

Thermostats and electric heating control – Delta Dore

Press button J as many times as necessary to select the day to copy. If some of you have a RFBee or a similar device, you can associate your heaters with my values. Start of Off period Press H and M to set the period start time.